We Have Always Been A Truly Planet-Friendly Business

Back in 2008, we started a 5-year journey to reinvent the Yoga mat by creating completely new and innovative materials, as well as functional performance enhancements, to transform your Yoga practice but also to truly respect our Planet. In case you don’t already know, here are just a few highlights of our work to produce what we believe are the World’s most Planet-friendly Yoga mats.


Our Own Specially Engineered Sustainable Materials

We created a brand new non-toxic and biodegradable non-slip material which to this day remains our own unique proprietary formula.

Our materials are durable for their intended use but when disposed of will degrade in 1-5 years in normal land-fill conditions.

Natural Rubber

The bulk of our mats are plant-based, made from high-grade natural tree rubber.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Ink

We spent 2+ years further researching and testing, to source our high quality non-toxic and eco-friendly inks for our printed Yoga mats.

Smart Sustainable Packaging

Plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging from source to end customer, since day 1.

Carbon Offset

We have offset a huge amount of CO2 through offsets applied on our courier shipping over many years, and through more than 300,000 trees planted.

Detailed Approach To Sustainable Global Logistics

Over the entire course of our business since 2008, we have shipped (from production source to distribution warehouses) less than 1% of all our goods by air and more than 99% by sea. It’s a carbon footprint we are very proud of.

Giving Back In A Big Way

We have given back more than $800,000 directly to support our incredible charity partners, with the majority of this going to support environmental causes.

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