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+ we’ll donate to one of our Environmental Charities

+ we’ll donate to one of our Environmental Charities

Better for the Earth from Day One

Liforme Yoga Mats have been made with the Earth in mind from Day one. Since 2008, we’ve focused on how to make a better yoga mat in a better way. This means using (and developing) better materials: sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, body kind, and biodegradable. It’s planting trees to improve our air, keeping plastics out of our oceans, and saving wildlife habitats.

If your yoga mat isn’t living up to these standards, it’s time for a change.

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Innovation. Performance. Sustainability. Ethics.

Warrior-Like Grip
Alignment System
Planet Friendly
Stays grippy even when ‘sweaty-wet’

GripForMe® Material

We believe our revolutionary GripForMe® technology is the grippiest Yoga mat material currently available on Earth. No need to worry about losing balance or sliding during your practice, your hands and feet will stay anchored during every pose. Confidently deepen your postures without ever worrying about getting injured.

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Unique & Original

Alignment System

Liforme's unique alignment guide work for all bodies and types of Yoga. Our unique alignment guide allows you foster a growing sense of body awareness, deepening your understanding on your body positioning, reducing strain and injury.

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Non-toxic & PVC-free

Planet Friendly Materials

Non-toxic, body-kind and biodegradable in 1-5 years, means that Liforme Yoga mats are safe for you, and the Planet. Liforme understands the importance of supporting your dedication to your Yoga journey and have a designed a mat that reflects just that.

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Custom Liforme Mat

Create a one of a kind mat as unique as you are

Personalise your own one of a kind Yoga mat to suit your body, your practice and your personal style.

Add your colours, your alignment and your name or mantra!

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