Liforme Special Offers

For our key communities

We are here to serve our community, and we want Liforme products to be accessible to as many people as possible. We also want to acknowledge the work of those that devote their valuable time to supporting communities small or large, local or global, and to help those that are less able to afford our products.

We know Yoga can truly be a lifesaver in supporting individuals and communities Worldwide; whether you’re practicing alone or in a large class, you are part of a Worldwide network of like minded Yogis.

Community Discounts

For Key Workers
For Students
For Armed Forces

5% for Key Workers

In the face of challenging and crucial moments, we recognise the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to contribute to the well-being and functionality of our communities. Whether you're a teacher, a healthcare professional, a police officer, a delivery driver, a care worker or any other essential worker – your dedication doesn't go unnoticed. So to express our gratitude, we want to offer you key workers a special 5% discount. It's our way of making your lives, and your Yoga practice, a touch more manageable.

5% for Students

In appreciation of the dedication of students striving for their education, we are offering a special 5% discount off your order. We understand the challenges you face, and our aim is to support you in improving focus, managing stress and promoting overall well-being through the power of Yoga, complementing your academic endeavours. This unique promotion is designed to make Yoga more accessible, encouraging you to develop your holistic education.

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5% for Armed Forces

To all active-duty members and veterans we are giving you a special 5% off discount as a token of our appreciation. Simply fill out the form below to apply for your discount.

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To sign up as a key worker, student or member of the Armed Forces, and receive a discount via email, please complete the form below:

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Yoga Teacher Special Offers

For all you Yoga teachers out there, we have a special separate offer for you! We recognise that Yoga as a practice is something that has always been taught and passed down from teachers to students. We want to honour those who devote their valuable time to the practice of teaching Yoga by offering them special discounts and offers that we evolve from time to time.

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