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Introduce Yogis to Liforme and Be Rewarded!

At Liforme, we truly believe that Yoga teachers are the heartbeat of our Yoga community. They are the mentors, the motivators, the inspirers, the form-correctors and so much more! That’s why we have always done what we can to offer our support; from special offers and discounts for teachers, and we’re further extending this support with our Yoga Teacher Partner Programme!

Apply to join our Yoga Teacher Partner Programme and get rewarded for spreading the Liforme love and earn commission on every sale attributed to your unique referral link. If you’re interested in joining, just fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch!

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How do I join the programme?

To join the programme, simply fill out the quick application form o this page and wait for your Next Steps email response.

How can I maximise the commission I earn on sales?

As a Yoga Teacher, you are in a unique position to positively influence your students and Yogi community. You can share your unique referral code in several ways: via email to your subscribers, via Whatsapp, your social profiles, even as a QR code. Maximising your outreach is the best way to maximise your potential commission.

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We bring the values of Yoga to the Yoga business

At Liforme, we always set out to bring the values of Yoga to the Yoga business and beyond, uniting people who aspire to Live for More by positively engaging in our communities, locally and globally.

When you encourage others to shop consciously with us and become part of our Live For More community, you’re helping to support a company that gives back to protect our precious planet and its people. We truly appreciate your support and know that together we can make a real difference!

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