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Environmental Conservation

We make our Yoga Mats in the most planet-friendly way possible to help conserve this place we all call home. We also support those who are working hard to protect the Earth.
Official Charity Partner
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Friends of the Earth

We are very proud to support Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Earth is an international community that brings together more than two million people in 75 countries dedicated to the protection of the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. It leads campaigns, provides resources and information, and promotes alternative solutions aimed at creating a cleaner, healthier, fairer world for everyone, for today and generations to come. We believe that by working together we can protect people and the planet!

We created Liforme’s Purple Earth Mat in a naturalistic hue to honour our dedication to sustainability and conservation. We are donating 5% of every sale of a Purple Earth Mat from this site to Friends of the Earth to ensure that generations to come will enjoy a safer climate, flourishing nature, and healthy air, water, and food.

Our Contribution

5% from every sale of Liforme Purple Earth Mats via this site will be donated to support our Official Charity Partner Friends of the Earth

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Our donation per mat:

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Where does this money go?

5% from your purchase of a Purple Earth mat from goes straight to Friends of the Earth, which works tirelessly through grassroots and legislative campaigns to improve the environmental outlook for the future.

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"At Liforme, the health of our planet is a top priority. When I started developing Liforme products, I learnt all about common materials used in Yoga mats and that these materials can in some cases be unnecessarily damaging to the planet. I soon realised that creating environmentally low-impact yoga products had become one of the most important focal points for Liforme."

- James Armitage,
CEO and Founder

The History of the Yoga Mat

The development of the Yoga mat as we know it is quite an interesting story. Watch our animated journey through the history of the mat, from animal skins to carpet underlay, as Yogis searched for the perfect steady and comfortable base for their practices. Discover why PVC mats are so toxic for the environment (not to mention not very effective at offering cushioning and traction) and learn why it’s more important than ever to choose a body-kind and planet-friendly mat.

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Friends of the Earth is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 281681.