Jaimee Ratliff

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Jaimee Ratliff is a certified yoga & meditation teacher, truth seeker, storyteller, community architect, changemaker, international retreat leader and wellness entrepreneur. Her chief mission is incorporating more inclusivity in the wellness space: a space where every human being understands the importance of nurturing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Jaimee’s own yoga and wellness journey began in 2002. After undergoing a spinal fusion surgery to improve her scoliosis, her surgeon recommended she take up yoga to help keep her back limber throughout her adult life. Little did she know, that would be the catalyst for starting her own burgeoning yoga business nearly two decades later and cultivating a community where people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, colors and socioeconomic statuses would feel welcome.

Since the launch of Yoga with Jaimee LLC in 2016, Jaimee has conducted classes for notable clients like The Atlanta Hawks, Nike, The Atlanta Braves, The City of Atlanta, Harvard College, Spelman College, Google, Soho House, UPS, and Warner Media. She has conducted several multi-city yoga tours and international yoga retreats to far flung places like Bali, Morocco and Belize.

Jaimee’s most memorable experiences have been leading yoga classes at The Home Depot Backyard and inside Atlanta’s world class Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Her largest class to date is 2,600 people. Jaimee’s commitment to her calling has been consistently recognized by her local community, and has earned her notable accolades such as being named a Lululemon Ambassador, Atlanta Magazine’s Best Person to Watch in Beauty & Fitness, and ATL’s Top 20 Millennial Influencer of The Year. She has also been featured in national publications such as Ebony, Health and Shape Magazine in addition to making several TV appearances on various local Atlanta news outlets.

A graduate of the illustrious Spelman College, Jaimee received her B.A. in English in 2010. She is passionate about writing, authenticity and vulnerability. By sharing her own life experiences with her community, Jaimee helps others feel less alone and inspired to keep going. In 2020, she began writing deeply personal weekly notes to her community, which she affectionately calls, “love letters.” These letters touch on sensitive topics of the human experience such as trauma, relationships, joy, grief, self-love, self-care and boundaries: a project that Jaimee holds dear to her heart.

A passionate advocate for living a life she loves, when Jaimee sets down her teaching hat, she can be found exploring the world, spending time with family and friends and working earnestly to integrate the same peace, contentment, balance and self love she experiences on her yoga mat, out in everyday life.

How will the fund be used

This fund will help me continue creating unique wellness experiences that are rooted in inclusivity, community and connection. I am passionate about the work I do, my tribe, and continuing to share my love of yoga and well being with the world.


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