Give the Gift of Liforme: Why a Liforme Yoga Mat is the Perfect Gift

Liforme Yoga Mats are the perfect gift for every yogi. Our eco-friendly, extra grippy, alignment-focused mats tick all the boxes.

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Want to know the secret of picking out a great gift? It's easy when you know you’re giving something (1) useful and (2) attractive that is going to (3) really improve someone’s life. If that sounds like a tall order, we know something that fits the bill. No surprise, we think a Liforme Yoga Mat makes the perfect gift.

Yoga is a such a wonderful and popular practice because it helps you feel good: more comfortable in who you are, more connected to your body, less stressed, better able to meet your daily challenges. A Liforme Yoga Mat amplifies that sense of well-being because it makes your yoga experience even better. Here’s what raises our mats above the rest.

Alignment Guidance

Many mats have tried but none can match the efficacy of the original Liforme AlignForMe System. We designed our guide to be intuitive and flexible, so it works for different practices and all bodies.

For people who are new to yoga, the visual reinforcement of alignment cues is an invaluable aid for evolving body awareness and establishing safe habits. Long-time practitioners can also benefit from adding this layer of visual feedback as they fine-tune and internalise the alignment of a wide range of postures over time.

The AlignForMe system seamlessly elevates the yoga practice experience, no matter the experience of the yogi.

Ultimate Grip

Nothing is worse for your stability (and your confidence) than slipping around on a sweaty yoga mat. Unfortunately, many mainstream mats, from the budget bin on up to the highest end, are made out of PVC, a material that is inherently slippery. That’s why bunchy mat towels have proliferated, and people have been known to treat their brand-new, expensive mats with salt scrubs to improve traction. 

Liforme's proprietary three-layer construction has been purposefully designed to prevent slipping. The very thin top layer of eco-polyurethane draws moisture away from the surface. The bottom layer of sustainable rubber provides a comfortable, stable base. Between them, our patented CleanGrip non-absorbent barrier layer facilitates evaporation, which keeps everything dry and hygienic. 

Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) can help improve mental health and well-being

Truly Eco-Friendly

All people of conscience are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of stuff we’re contributing to the trash piles of the world. When you give a gift, you’re passing that responsibility on to a loved one. 

We’re proud to say that Liforme mats  are proven (in tests by independent scientists at Imperial College London) to be biodegradable in landfill conditions within one to five years. A lot of companies claim their products are eco-friendly but don’t have the research to back it up. We do.

Easy Pose (Sukhasana) can improve your mental health and well-being

The only question left is which Liforme Mats best suit your loved ones. With our Signature Yoga Mat, Liforme Travel Mat, Liforme Yoga Pad, Cosmic Moon, and Mindful Garden designs, among many others, there really is something for everyone. You can even customise your own Liforme X You mats. Head over to our Mat Buyer’s Guide to find the right one for everyone on your list!

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