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Kemetic Yoga
10th June 2024 Kemetic Yoga

Development of Kemetic Yoga classes devised from the movements of the Gods and Goddesses of...

Black Joy x Wellness
5th April 2024 Black Joy x Wellness

Creating blissful wellbeing events and sacred spaces for underrepresented people of colour.

Love Yoga Community Retreat
15th March 2024 Love Yoga Community Retreat

Fostering holistic well-being with love, compassion, awareness, and connection with self and others.

Selah with Sinclair
15th February 2024 Selah with Sinclair

We seek to transform the well-being of Black and Brown children in under resourced communities....

Freedom Flow
14th February 2024 Freedom Flow

I believe yoga empowers us to discover the layers where we are most free, healed,...

Scholarships For BIPOC Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training
14th February 2024 Scholarships For BIPOC Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training

Scholarships to support racial diversity in trauma informed yoga teacher training.

Whole Collective
22nd December 2023 Whole Collective

Whole collective is a space for minority ethnic groups to feel safe and seen in...

Sound + Sacred Spaces Initiative
22nd December 2023 Sound + Sacred Spaces Initiative

Create an accessible yoga offering that provides a healing space centered around our BIPOC community...

22nd December 2023 SOULFest NYC

SOULFest community celebrates diverse teachers, audience, accessibility, and SOUL.

AMADOR Yoga & Art Festival
4th September 2023 AMADOR Yoga & Art Festival

AMADOR is a community yoga program founded in 2019 by yoga teacher Malik Khalid rooted...

Intentional Well-Being Conference
4th September 2023 Intentional Well-Being Conference

A one-day conference is designed with all bodies in mind. We are creating a welcoming space...

Tierra Briscoe
4th September 2023 Tierra Briscoe

I am Tierra aka YogiTB, I create & hold safe spaces for others to come...

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