200hr YTT

  • Type: Teacher Training
  • Location: Bellmore, United States
  • Dates: Jan 26, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024
  • Time:
  • Host: Buddha Barn Yoga
  • Price:


At a time when our world is unstable and erratic, inner peace through personal grounding is not only essential but becoming necessary. This is your opportunity to build a self-affirming and fulfilling career as a yoga instructor, while bringing yoga’s peace and foundation into your own life, as well as the lives of your students. In one of our 3 formats learn to inspire students to gain greater knowledge of their bodies, employ the full potential of their minds, and allow them to see that optimum health is achievable and sustainable. Enhance your own life while enriching the lives of others. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to spread inner peace throughout the world.

Topics Include:
• Teaching Methodology
• Yoga Philosophy
• Sanskrit
• Chanting and Mantras
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Human Energy and Chakra System
• Pranayama and Meditation
• Asana Lab for 109 Yoga Poses
• Ayurveda
• Injury Management and Sequencing Around Injuries
• Prenatal Yoga
• Restorative Yoga
• Contact Yoga
• Trauma Training
• Business Management

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