Yoga & Minfulness Catamaran Retreat on the Galápagos Islands
Yoga & Minfulness Catamaran Retreat on the Galápagos Islands
Join Paradise, Exquisite Galápagos Islands Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat in the Heart of the World
Dates: Sunday, October 27, 2024 - Thursday, October 31, 2024
Location: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Host: Jan Erazo
Price: €3426-€3565, only 13 spots available
I'm Jan Erazo, and I'm excited to invite you to a unique experience in the Galapagos Islands, where you can combine spirituality with the natural beauty of one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. I promise you that this 5 days retreat will be an unforgettable adventure for your soul and spirit.

Join me on this extraordinary journey to an unparalleled sanctuary, where we will be joined by majestic giant tortoises, playful penguins, graceful sea lions, endemic iguanas and sea turtles that we will have the privilege of swimming alongside. Encounter an unforgettable variety of flora, fauna and the rich biodiversity of the animal kingdom, spanning the skies, the land and the deep sea.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a sanctuary of serenity, where the harmony of nature invites you to rediscover inner tranquillity. Just imagine an evening meditation on deck, gazing at the celestial wonder of the Milky Way, while the gentle lullaby of the ocean lulls your spirit.

" This is not merely a retreat—
it is an invitation to transcend ordinary boundaries and embrace the extraordinary.
Are you ready to answer the call of adventure and embark on a journey of self-discovery in the heart of the Galapagos Islands?"

Jan Erazo - International Yoga Teacher, speaks EN,ES,DE & FR for more information visit
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Yoga & Minfulness Catamaran Retreat on the Galápagos Islands
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