PORTUGAL 2024 - Mindful Yoga Retreat
PORTUGAL 2024 - Mindful Yoga Retreat
Let go of whatever is holding you back, surrender and re-embrace your true essence.
Dates: Sunday, May 12, 2024 - Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Location: Villas in Areias Do Seixo I Portugal
Host: Tamara Felder
Price: 2600EUR

A place to pause and savour every moment, cradled by sea, dunes, and pine trees. On the stunning portuguese silver coast, discover a magical place, that breathes in Nature, where smiles, fun and joy are ment to be shared.

You are ready to express and feel your true essence LET CLEVERNESS AND BEWILDERMENT SET IN – your unique frequency and resonance. Explore connection and empathy. Reset the nervous system during daily movement combined with mindset classes, wellness grounding, sound healing journeys and delicious, nutritious set menu meals. Surrounded by like-minded souls, you’ll soak up the magic of the sea and nature side in Portugal during this soul shaking yet intentional reset.

Sometimes our outer world just feels overwhelming and we need a moment to step back and realizing we are not “searching any longer for anything”.

Calm your mind – set in – and simply be here and NOW.

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PORTUGAL 2024 - Mindful Yoga Retreat
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