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Welcome to Liforme’s Racial Diversity in Yoga Programme, dedicated to cultivating a more racially inclusive and equitable Yoga landscape that reflects a diverse range of practitioners and perspectives, by giving visibility, and in some cases, funding to local grassroots events, initiatives and organisations/individuals advancing this mission.

Get involved by submitting your initiative that promotes racial diversity in Yoga to be featured on our Community Hub or by contributing to our Community Fund, which offers financial grants to selected initiatives and individuals. Liforme have kicked things off by making an initial donation of $15,000 to the Fund.

Join us as we work together to make sure Yoga is available and welcoming to all.

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the community fund


The Racial Diversity in Yoga Community Fund empowers and supports organisations, individuals, and local grassroots events committed to enhancing racial diversity in yoga through financial support. To contribute, kindly fill out the form below.

the community hub

Discover and support events, organisations and individuals advancing racial diversity in Yoga

I am the Founder of Yoga with Jaimee and a certified yoga and meditation teacher. My mission is to increase inclusivity in an industry that has historically overlooked people of color. She believes that every human deserves access to nurture their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 


AMADOR Yoga & Art Festival, presented by Atlanta Downtown. AMADOR's is committed to fostering inclusion, unity, and empowerment within the wellness and creative communities. The funds will amplify the festival's impact, energizing its diverse programming and experiences.


My name is Tierra aka YogiTB! I am from the DMV area & currently a yoga nomad (haha) literally traveling to do what I love. I create & hold safe spaces for others to come and flow as they are. I am a healer, student, yoga instructor, wellness advocate & lover of life. I create vibes & change lives.


Urban Yogic Wellness and Education reshapes health perspectives by empowering well-being architects. We aim to shift healing to individuals, fostering habits and accessible resources for underserved communities. Our initiatives encompass diverse events for engaging with wellness services. 


The first of its kind, this one-day conference is designed with all bodies in mind. We are creating a welcoming space for diversity, equity, belonging, and self-expression. Focusing on the well-being of all people, we are gathering to offer yoga, pilates, sound healing, meditation, and more, to uplift our community. 


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If your event/organisation meets our criteria, we’ll post your initative on our Racial Diversity in Yoga Community Hub page completely free for the community to discover and get to know!


Know another Yogi that supports Racial Diversity in Yoga?

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