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Our full collection of Truly Revolutionary Liforme Yoga Mats. The ultimate grip for your practice, featuring our unique and original alignment system. Truly Planet Friendly - biodegradable, non-toxic and PVC-free. Good for you, good for the planet.

All Yoga Mats feature our AlignForMe and GripForMe technologies, offering unrivalled mat grip and useful guidance in developing your Yoga practice.

Our extensive Yoga Mat collection includes Signature, Rainbow Hope, White Magic, Expressions, Evolve, Zodiac Animals and Giving Back ranges.

Liforme Yoga and Travel Mat Bundle
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Liforme Yoga and Travel Mat Bundle

Liforme Yoga and Travel Mat Bundle

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TRULY GREAT VALUE. Can’t decide which is the perfect Liforme mat for you? With this great value Bundle, you can have the best Yoga mat with you at home or away! This bundle includes our original ground-breaking Liforme Yoga Mat, plus a lightweight Liforme Travel Mat for the Yogi on the go, eac...

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A Yoga Mat for every yogi

We believe yoga should be accessible to all and we‘ve steadily grown our range of yoga mats to meet all abilities, needs and tastes. It all began with our Signature mat in 2008, and our technology and environmental credentials are now embedded across our ranges.

Our hard-wearing Yoga mats will stand the test of time. But as well as being durable, we've focused on ensuring they are stylish and well-designed so you will want to continue using them for years to come.

Get started or expand your practice

The barrier to getting started in yoga is very low. All you need is patience, an open mind and a grippy, comfortable mat.

As well as full size Yoga Mats, we also have a complete range of portable and lightweight Travel Yoga Mats and smaller Yoga Pads, with the latter designed to complement our full size Yoga Mats.

If you’re uncertain and want to find the best Yoga Mat for you, use our Yoga Mat Buying Guide to help. And if you want to understand how to get started in Yoga view our handy guide.