Frequently asked questions about PRODUCT INFORMATION

What are the dimensions and weights of the Liforme mats?

Please see the table below showing the size and dimensions of each type of Liforme mat.

  Length Width Approx. Thickness Approx. Weight
Yoga Mat 185cm 68cm 4.2mm 2.5kg
Extra Large Mat 210cm 70cm 4.2mm 3.5kg
Travel Mat 180cm 66cm 2mm 1.6kg
Yoga Pad 33cm 64cm 4.2mm 0.65kg
Kids Mat
4.2mm 2.0kg


Also, check out our Yoga Mat Guide to compare the different features of each type of Liforme mat, and help you decide which one is right for you!

I am a taller/smaller than average yogi, will I still be able to use the AlignForMe system?

Yes, absolutely! The whole point about our original, pioneering alignment system is that it was designed to work for Yogis of all shapes and sizes. The markers are a system of symmetrical precision-etched reference points, which are there purely as a guide and you work your body around them!

The AlignForMe® system is not prescriptive, and the different markers within the overall design provide an almost limitless range of options for points of reference during your practice, and this indeed depends on your own individual size. Each Yogi can use a combination of the alignment lines that works for them as an individual to help them get a reference point for the centre of their pose and their own alignment, left to right or front to back. Some people may align to a particular marker using the end of their finger, whilst for another it may be the heel of their hand. It’s all about you and how you want to use the lines for maximum benefit in your practice. Trust us, once you use it, you’ll soon feel how easy and intuitive it is to work with our AlignForMe® system during your practice.

What is the difference between the Liforme Mats?

Are you unsure as to how our mats differ, or are you struggling to choose between them? Just use our handy Yoga Mat Guide to decide which one would be best for you.

Can I use my Liforme Mat as a topper?

Our regular thickness Liforme mats (this includes our Liforme Yoga Mats, Liforme Evolve Mats and certain special edition products) are designed to provide plenty of cushioning for your yoga practice, so most yogis would not need to use their mat as a topper. The Liforme Travel Mat, made for the Yogi on the go, is lighter and thinner. Whilst some yogis like a firmer surface, those who prefer a softer base might like to practise with their Liforme Travel Mat on top of a studio mat - it’s totally up to you. All Liforme Mats have a natural rubber base which has good traction, so if you do decide to use your Liforme mat as a topper it will usually lay quite nicely and evenly over the studio mat underneath (much better than your typical Yoga towel would!).

Is the Liforme mat suitable for hot yoga, or humid climates?

We know that many Yogis love using Liforme mats for their heated practice as the extra grippy top surface aids their practice during an intense and sweaty session! However, we do like to just generally caution that our Liforme mats are not specifically designed to be used for hot Yoga. Liforme mats have an open cell structure on the top surface, meaning moisture is absorbed quickly and can evaporate easily, keeping your mat super grippy and your practice safe and steady, even during an extra sweaty practice.

Liforme mats are also made to be biodegradable, so regular heated yoga practices, or living in a hot and humid climate, could speed up the degradation of the Liforme mat and reduce their lifespan. We still believe your mat will last you a good amount of time even if you practice hot yoga, at least relative to most other mats made from biodegradable materials. We believe it’s super important to use non-toxic biodegradable materials in order to minimise any negative impact on the environment. And we certainly wouldn’t advise anyone to buy PVC yoga mats even though they can be more durable, as there are a whole host of issues with mats made from PVC – see here for more info. And as a bonus, most people have no need to use a towel on top of a Liforme mat- so you’ll also save energy and water, and avoid detergent and microfibre pollution by not having to wash a sweaty towel after each practice!

What's the life span of my Liforme mat? Is there any warranty or lifetime guarantee?

The lifespan of the Liforme Mats can depend on several factors such as how often your mat is used, how intense your practice is, how you care for your mat and so on. We’re confident all Liforme Mats will last a good amount of time, and provide great value for our customers!

We have made a conscious decision to produce mats using biodegradable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, and we focus very much on ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ of use. We believe that the best mat for a truly Yogic practice is also one that minimises our impact on the environment and our mat, being completely biodegradable, does that. Many other mats do not and will have an ongoing environmental impact long after they have stopped being used.

We know that sustained practice can wear a mat out, in the same way that a pair of running shoes will become worn out, and eventually this will reduce the effectiveness of your mat in your practice. Hence it is not practicable for us to offer a lifetime guarantee or a warranty, but we firmly believe we’ve got the best balance of eco-friendliness and durability.

Why not watch our video to learn more about how yoga mats have changed over time, and how Liforme Mats developed (as well as learning about some of the horrors of PVC mats)?

What materials are the Liforme Mats made from?

The Liforme Mats are made from our high quality natural rubber base and our specially engineered, proprietary and completely unique eco-polyurethane. Both these materials are fully biodegradable and sustainably produced materials, and we spent over 5 years researching and developing before we launched our first version (and we’ve made a few improvements to our materials in the further 5 years since then)! We’re passionate about working with materials that are eco-friendly and non-toxic, both to humans and our planet.

We commissioned an independent study from a leading polymer expert at Imperial College, London in the UK (a global top 10 university with a world class reputation in science) that concludes that our materials are completely non-toxic and that when disposed of at the end of their useful life-cycle, Liforme mats will break down in landfill conditions with an estimated time to near-complete degradation of 1-5 years!

On top of this, the report also examines the issues around toxicity and biodegradability of PVC mats, which is sadly a common material still used by many other Yoga mat brands.

To learn more about our Liforme materials, and how these compare to PVC mats, click here to read the report mentioned above in full. Know your facts!

I have a latex allergy - do the Liforme Mats contain latex?

The bottom layer of our mats is made from natural rubber, and natural rubber does contain latex. However, our top surface does not contain latex. We therefore urge caution to any Yogi who suffers from a latex allergy when using the Liforme Mats, and recommend you check with a medical practitioner as to the extent of your allergy and as to whether using a mat with even a rubber base layer could be an issue for you.