Liforme Rewards Programme

Frequently asked questions about our LIFORME REWARDS PROGRAMME

How does Refer a Friend work?

Why not share the love and refer friends and family to Liforme? If they are a new customer to Liforme, they’ll get a 10% off code, and we’ll give you 2000 points, which is equal to 20% off - win win!

Refer your friends from the Rewards page in your Liforme Account. You can then share a unique link with your friends and fellow Yogis via email, Facebook, WhatsApp and more! They’ll be sent a message by you offering them 10% off their Liforme purchase. 

If they purchase using this 10% discount code, and are a new customer of Liforme (i.e. have not bought from us before), you’ll receive 2000 points which will be added to your account after a 7 day approval period. You will receive an email notifying you of your points, which you can redeem for a reward. 


How long do Rewards last for?

Rewards last for 12 months without a purchase, and they cannot be transferred from person to person.

For further information, please see our Rewards Programme Terms & Conditions.


How do I join the Liforme Rewards Programme? 

Log in or create an account here to start earning Liforme Rewards!