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It's time for businesses to step up and support their communities

Dear Liforme community and beyond,

We’re GIVING BACK 100% OF OUR PROFITS (or 10% of our sales, if greater) from sales via FOR THE WHOLE OF APRIL 2020, to support our Yoga community at this difficult time. We believe it’s time for companies to step up now, so we want to give back more than ever.

As part of this, we’re putting in place an important initiative through which we can together SUPPORT THE YOGA TEACHERS AND THE LOCAL YOGA STUDIOS THAT ARE THE HEARTBEAT OF OUR LOCAL YOGA COMMUNITIES. They are really suffering financially at this time because of the enforced closures and social restrictions necessarily in place at the moment, and they really need our support.

We’ve set up a COVID-19: YOGA TEACHERS & STUDIOS SUPPORT FUND, so YOU (whether you’re a Liforme customer or not) can donate to support Yoga teachers and studios, and where you can nominate your own teacher or studio if you believe they are in need of financial support at this time.

We’ve got the ball rolling by making an initial donation of US$10,000 to the Fund, and will make further donations as we go along, according to our sales volumes in April. And, once we’ve done our accounting, we’ll make a balancing payment to the Fund, up to the full value of our pledge of 100% of profits (or 10% of sales, if greater) from all orders via for the whole of April 2020.

Peace, love and good health to you all,
The Liforme Team

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