Breathing into Rewilding Yoga Retreat with Vera Brown & Rhyanna Watson

  • Type: Retreat
  • Location: Zion, Utah, United States
  • Dates: Aug 25, 2022 - Aug 28, 2022
  • Time:
  • Host: Daniela Babura, Vera Brown & Rhyanna Watson
  • Price: $2299.00 USD


Join us on this transformative journey to self-empowerment, lost in the magic of beautiful Utah – Rhyanna & Vera will guide you through an unforgettable experience of movement and meditation sprinkled with exciting adventures!

Unwind and recalibrate in a safe space where strength meets softness, and manifesting wild dreams becomes possible; together we will awaken hidden potential, let our inner beauty blossom, and celebrate individual expression to come back to the roots of our truest essence and grow in grace by shedding the unnecessary. Expect daily classes, diverse workshops, chakra alignment, journaling prompts and lots – and we mean lots – of fun!

Just come as you are. Raw, vulnerable, curious and with a wide open heart. We cannot wait to meet you!

Yoga and Workshops

Getting down to the gritty Splitsy Workshop

This leg & hip strength + flexibility workshop will break down the science and anatomy of how to stretch for both front and middle splits: through intelligent mobility, conditioning drills, active as well as passive stretches we will promote myofascial elasticity and stimulate a deeper level of body awareness, while playfully exploring a variety of juicy hip openers. Tailor-made for all levels.

Strength & Balance Workshop

The quest for a handstand is never ending. No matter if you are trying to do a straight handstand or create shapes there after. Balance and form are critical to move in space freely and also find grounded spaciousness where you float without gravity making you feel weighed down. Let us learn how to open our shoulders, strengthen our wrists and hands and build connection and alignment from head to toes that is advantageous for handstands and vital for solid building blocks for handstand and any inversion practice. This workshop is perfect for people beginning their handstand journey to experienced handstanders looking to perfect their form.






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