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Liforme Extra Large Yoga Mats: More of a Good Thing

We’ve got some big news. In fact, it’s truly massive…

There’s now even more Liforme to love when you practice on our new Extra Large Yoga Mat and Special Edition Mountain Mat.

From the start, Liforme Yoga Mats have been designed to accommodate yogis of all shapes, sizes, and practice styles. All our mats are several inches longer and wider than your ‘average’ mat* (who wants to be average?) and our AlignForMe system provides flexible support for every body and level of yoga experience. That (among other reasons, like our legendary grip and commitment to sustainability) is why Liforme mats are beloved by yogis of all stripes: talls and smalls, brand new beginners and international teachers alike.

But sometimes you need even more space to stretch and room to breathe, so we’ve taken it up a whole other notch. Our XL Mats are a full 15 inches (37 cm) longer and 3.5 inches (9 cm) wider than that loaner mat from the gym (and a lot more hygienic too), making them ideal for taller yogis and anyone else who wants a bigger platform to grow their flow.

Choose between the XL with a streamlined, etched AlignForMe guide or the Special Edition Mountain Mat with a topographically inspired AlignForme guide printed in durable, nontoxic inks. Both mark the debut of new addition to our mat colour palette: Mat(te) Black, a frequently requested darker version of our original Grey. The Special Edition Mountain Mat is printed with Blue/Ice Grey (B.I.G.) nontoxic inks.

Big and Tall

People come in all sizes. Now Liforme Yoga Mats do too. We used anthropometric (super scientific word for human body measurement) data from the CDC and NASA when developing our Extra Large Yoga Mats and determined that adding 25 cm would really make a difference to our taller-than-average friends. We went ahead and splashed out on an extra 2 cm in width while we were at it, because we’re generous like that.


All this new real estate necessitates a slight elongation of our AlignForMe Guide to keep everything proportional. Along the way, we added six additional reference points to help you get situated. These indentations, or grooves, as we’re calling them, along the Central and 45-Degree Lines may be especially helpful to those of you who are very accustomed to practising on Liforme Mats (much love to you all!) because they correspond to the positions of the outer End to End Lines and Reverse Points on our original mats.

However, previous familiarity with our alignment system is not required in order to use the XL alignment guidelines effectively because they are designed to be incorporated intuitively into your practice in the way that works best for you. Whether you are new to Liforme (welcome!) or a longtime member of our community, using AlignForMe will soon become second nature.

Spread Your Wings, Little One

Sometimes it just feels good to spread out in all directions, throw your arms open to the world and expand your lungs to full capacity. Liforme’s Extra Large Mats meets that moment because you deserve to take up space, whatever the size of your person.

A no limits practice deserves a no limits mat. If you want to travel from front to back in a Warrior Flow, roll through an Ashtanga Chakrasana, or flip your Dog, we’ll be there to support you. If you want to move into the postures in a spontaneous improvised flow, we want you to feel free to do so. If, for whatever reason, you want more room on your mat, then claim it.


Average yoga mat:       24 x 68 in (61 x 173 cm)

Liforme Yoga Mat:        27 x 73 in (68 x 185 cm)

Liforme XL Yoga Mat: 27.5 x 83 in (70 x 210 cm) 

Liforme Extra Large Yoga Mat is 3.5 kg of pure love! It’s destined to be your home practice rock. A bigger mat also means a bigger mat bag, of course, with a cushioned strap and adjustable shoulder pad.

Whether you go with the XL or Special Edition Mountain Mat, your practice is about the experience something truly massive.

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