How to Bring Love, Gratitude, and Happiness to Your Yoga Mat (Liforme’s Expressions Collection Makes it Easy!)

Liforme’s Expressions Collection includes our Love, Gratitude, and Happiness Mats. These bright-coloured beauties elevate your practice and lift your mood.

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Meet the trio of meaning-full mats designed to elevate your practice and lift your mood.

Liforme mats are known for grip, stability, and distinctive, unique and ORIGINAL alignment guide. Using the intuitive AlignForMe system that is etched onto the surface of each mat quickly becomes second nature, seamlessly integrating into your asana practice. Our Expressions Collection mats, which feature beautiful design embellishments around our signature AlignForMe graphic, work much the same way on your intentions, subtly cueing you to always give love, practice gratitude, and choose happiness.The Expressions Collection includes our generously-sized original Liforme Yoga Mat (which is longer and wider than a standard mat) and our Yoga Pads. These mini mats are extra portable and offer Liforme-quality cushioning for sensitive areas. Your knees, elbows, and hips will be eternally Grateful for the extra Love. The additional palm and wrist protection also makes a lot of avid handstanders very Happy! Pads also include our classic Central Line and mini End-to-End Lines for alignment reinforcement.

Whether you go big or little, this collection offers three unique ways to express yourself…

The Love Mat and Love Travel Mat

It all started with the Love Mat, one of our very first special editions, which has proven to be such an enduring favourite that it has stuck around. The bright red colour and heart motif speak the language of love, reminding you to open your heart in your physical practice and to meet the world with kindness, acceptance, and receptivity.

(Speaking of meeting the world, we also make a Love Travel Mat, which allows you to take your beloved wherever you go. Our Travel Mats offer Liforme’s amazingly grippy surface while being lighter and more compact by virtue of being thinner and a few centimetres smaller.)The Love Yoga Pad places the hearts front and centre, encouraging nothing but love for yourself, whatever challenges may arise. From that foundation, love expands exponentially.Gratitude Mat

The Gratitude Mat

A giving heart overflows with gratitude. Now your mat can express the attitude and the actions that make gratitude such a sustaining practice. The central design of prayer hands (Anjali mudra) and blossoming lotus flowers reflects the complementary relationship between yoga and gratitude and reminds us that both these practices support us through life’s difficult times.

Scientific research has shown that practising gratitude is a powerful antidote to stress, depression, and anxiety. It leads us to give back so that others may also grow and thrive. Expressing gratitude for yoga and all its gifts builds and empowers our communities.Your joints will be extra grateful for the padding and protection they receive when you use the Gratitude Pad, both in concert with your standard mat and on its own. Both the full-sized Mat and the Pad are available in our new deep Gratitude Pink (Mat also comes in our classic Grey).

The Happiness Mat

If you’re happy and you know it, then your mat should surely show it. This vibrant orange colour broadcasts sunshine in every direction, lifting your mood and your consciousness beyond the four corners of your mat and into your every day. With its central solar design and circling bluebirds (gone orange, in this case) as the alignment Reverse Points, The Happiness Mat reflects the state of Santosha (contentment) that we feel when a good yoga session has us leaving the room lighter, brighter, and ready to embrace joy.Happiness PadTo spread that joy and leave a trail of cheer in your wake, take the Happiness Pad wherever you go.

Express Yourself

The practices of yoga and meditation help you feel your feelings and put them into the world in a positive way. Standing tall on your Expressions Collection Mat perpetuates the message that love, gratitude, and happiness are available to everyone. Let them support you so that you can support others.


Liv x

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