Liforme Mother Earth Yoga Mat: Ground Your Practice and Restore Our Earth

Meet Liforme’s Mother Earth Yoga Mat, an amazing way to ground your yoga practice in environmentalism. Connect to your body and the Earth to preserve our planet. 

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After a year of spending way too much time in our heads, caught up in worries about the future and things that are out of our control, it’s time to recentre and get back into our bodies. Constant crises mode is stressful. The wear and tear on our nervous systems needs to be repaired with grounding, centring practices that reassure our endocrine systems that everything is okay. As we restore our bodies and minds, let’s bring the same healing energy to the crucial work that begins again, every minute of every day: restoring our Earth. Let grounding yoga practices connect you to the source of all life and regenerator-in-chief, Mother Earth.

Down to Earth

To be grounded is to feel confident in yourself and empowered to act with purpose. Yoga, by its very nature, brings you into your body through movement and breath. Centring your attention to your asana practice in specific ways, like feeling rooted through your feet and legs in standing postures and keeping your sacrum in contact with the floor in reclined postures, amplifies the grounding effect.

As we come back to ourselves, it’s time to once again look beyond our small spheres and take in the whole picture. Time to expand our definition of community to include not just those in our bubble but everyone who is living under the same troposphere. For the past year, we’ve had to think small, be insular, and isolate ourselves. Now it’s time to think big again and be expansive and ambitious in our goals.

We can’t change the past, but we can change the outlook for a more sustainable, enlightened future. Indeed, we are obligated to do so. For too long, humans have thought of the planet as a resource to be exploited. We’ve acted as if all of these oceans and rivers and mineral deposits and fertile lands were put in place just for our benefit. Now we have to begin to think of them as heirlooms to treasure. We can no longer be the takers. It’s time to be the givers.

The Mother Earth Yoga Mat

Liforme’s Mother Earth Yoga Mat grounds your intentions with a mat of earthy purple (the same colour as our popular Purple Earth Mat), with our classic AlignForMe guidelines laid out in shades of verdant green and darker purple nontoxic ink. Hand-drawn leaves and foliage make up the Central Line, the 45-Degree Lines, and the striking central silhouette of Mother Earth in Urdhva Hastasana with the Earth nestled in her womb.

Every purchase of this mat from benefits our environmental charity partner, Friends of the Earth. Through our initiatives with our Purple Earth and previously our White Magic mats, we have raised and donated over $350,000 to FoE. Adding Mother Earth to our family will allow us (and you!) to do even more to further the crucial work of this important environmental non-profit.

In addition, we are planting 5 trees for every Mother Earth mat sale through our partnership with Tree-Nation, a non-profit dedicated to fighting climate change through reforestation. Tree-Nation has planted over 24 million trees as part of 94 projects on 6 continents. Restoring Mother Earth’s forests with life-giving trees that provide oxygen and ecosystems is one of the most proactive ways we can counter the detrimental effects that humans have had on nature.

Love Your Mother

The personification of our planet as a nurturing mother dates back millennia. If we are the children of this planet, it’s far past time that we begin to respect and cherish this Mother of us all, this giver of life and love.

When you choose Liforme, your yoga mat, the very surface that you stand on, aligns fully with your yogic values. Our ethical business elevates environmental consciousness through every stage of sourcing and production, right through to biodegradability at the end of its use-life.

The Mother Earth Yoga Mat intensifies your connection to source, making it clear that to be a yogi is to be an environmentalist. We are all made of the same stuff, standing upon the same rock. Isn’t it time we take action to preserve her splendour?


Liv x

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