How (and Why) Liforme Yoga Mats Became a B Corp

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How (and Why) Liforme Yoga Mats Became a B Corp
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Becoming a Certified B Corporation is a major milestone in Liforme’s ethical business journey, so we’re excited to share a bit about what it means.
By Ann Pizer who has been practicing and writing about yoga for over 20 years. Posted on: 20th September 2022

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    Becoming a Certified B Corporation is a major milestone in Liforme’s ethical business journey, so we’re excited to share a bit about what it means and why conscious shoppers always look for the B!

    What Is B Corp Certification?

    The B (short for Benefit) Lab developed its rigorous certification process to identify and recognize companies that achieve and maintain exceptionally high environmental and social standards.

    When we talk about conscious shopping, we always encourage people to research the businesses they patronize, but we realize that this is often difficult and time-consuming for individuals. The B Corp Certification and its distinctive B logo let you know right away that a company shares your values.

    To give you this shortcut, each B Corp goes through a rigorous certification process called the Business Impact Assessment and is given a corresponding B Impact Score based on five categories: Environment, Community, Customers, Workers, and Governance.The minimum B Impact Score required for certification is an 80. The median score for ordinary businesses is a 50.9. Liforme is very proud to have earned a 115. Here’s how we did it.

    Becoming a B Corp

    Since the early days of Liforme, we’ve been a company with a purpose. Our goal? Nothing short of revolutionizing the yoga mat. What began as a complete rethinking of mat materials, construction, and design quickly became something even bigger: a desire to make the best mats in the best way for the planet and its people. To revolutionize not only the yoga mat but the yoga mat business.

    We’ve always prioritized the environment (see How We Became Environmentalists), innovating the use of renewable resources like natural rubber and engineering our own biodegradable polyurethane. We’ve been very choosy about the factories we contract for production, and we’ve supported environmental charities, including our first partner, Friends of the Earth.

    We also realized that social justice goes hand in hand with yogic principles, so we built giving back into our business model to counter not only climate change and wildlife preservation but poverty and homophobia. In addition to FOE, our partners include Yoga Gives Back, GLAAD, TreeNation, and the World Wildlife Fund.

    We did these things because they are the right things to do. We’ve talked about them to our community because we want to turn the conversation toward more conscious shopping and encourage people to use their purchasing power to make better choices, especially in the face of so many copycat “Liforme” mats that look a lot like ours on the surface but have none of the same quality or values.

    But, until now, you just had to take our word for it. We decided to put our credentials in front of the B Lab because they set the bar for ethical businesses. Having the B logo on our products sends a clear message about what we stand for.

    The B Corp Benefit

    In addition to providing the validation of independent assessment and the value of instant recognition, becoming a Certified B Corp brings Liforme together with partners who are as eager to challenge the status quo as we are.

    Swimming against the current is never easy but joining forces with over 8,000 like-minded companies allows us all to be more impactful. When you’re trying to change the world, there is great power in community.

    What We Changed

    We had the principles and practices of a B Corp long before beginning the certification process. After spending over a year going through the Business Impact Assessment, we had to change very little about the way we do business.

    • We codified our Giving Back program and pledged to continue donating at least 5% of our profits to charitable causes.
    • We updated our company charter to reflect the giving practices we already had in place.
    • We are happy now to do our financial business with a new (and more cooperative) bank.

    And that’s really it!

    Our environmental, social, and community engagement were already extremely high, and we are pleased to have far surpassed the minimum requirements and become a certified B Corp in 2022.

    Rest on Your Yoga Mat, Not on Your Laurels

    Liforme continues to innovate materials and products, lead the ethical business charge in our industry, and care about people and the planet. To that end, all our yoga mats and Ultimate Everyday Yoga Mat Cleaner were certified vegan by The Vegan Society in 2023. 

    We also launched an initiative aimed at promoting Racial Diversity in Yoga through a Hub, which allows people to list and find relevant events, and a Fund, that offers financial support for organisations and individuals that promote racial diversity in their yoga communities. 

    We are motivated to keep finding new ways to support yogis with performance, high-quality gear that lives up to yogic values and ideals.

    Please join us as the journey continues and thank you for supporting Liforme and our fellow B Corps!

    By Ann Pizer who has been practicing and writing about yoga for over 20 years.
    Environmentalism Inspire

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