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Yoga Pride: Liforme is Proud to Support GLAAD and LGBTQ Acceptance All Year

Embracing our shared humanity is the foundation for celebrating our brilliant diversity

What Makes Us Human

The physical practice of yoga asana offers each of us the opportunity to expand our consciousness of our universal humanity. When we bring our attention to moving, stretching, breathing, and even sweating, we fully inhabit our human bodies. Being immersed in sensation is a reminder that our muscles and bones, our organs, ligaments, and nervous systems all come from the same source: our species, our common evolution and ancestry. When we go deep into the body, we catch a glimpse of our elemental state. We can see the building blocks of our existence with everything extraneous stripped away. 

When we get to the core of what makes us human, it’s a place of acceptance and equality. Recognition of our common humanity, however, coexists with pride in our uniqueness. Everyone is exactly like you and no one is exactly like you. Both are both true because, to paraphrase Walt Whitman, we contain multitudes. We are both very simple and very complex. Embracing the individuality of every single person can bring us together instead of pushing us apart.

United in Yoga

A yoga sangha unites a diverse group of people. Everyone looks different on the surface and has been shaped by a different set of experiences. However, when we all step to the front of our mats and lift our arms toward the ceiling, we are unified in body and spirit. We move as a single organism, held together by the invisible threads of a common experience. We walk out as our unique selves, but we have been changed by our time on the mat. This transcendent experience is available any time we come together to move our bodies as one in the quest for stillness in the mind.

Pride All Year

With any designated awareness day or event, there’s a chance that people will take a moment to note its significance and then move on quickly. Liforme is committed to supporting crucial social and environmental justice movements throughout the year with our Live for More Foundation. Though Pride Month is celebrated in June, we’re proud to support LGBTQ advocacy on an on-going basis through our charity partnership with GLAAD, which always receives 3% of the sales of our stunning Rainbow Hope Mat. This mat, which debuted in June of 2020, brought a bit of light into a dark time. Its cheerful yellow colour is an instant mood elevator, its numerous rainbows symbolise hope for a brighter future.  

While there are still big challenges in the advancement of equal treatment for LGBTQ people, in June we celebrate how far we’ve come. We recognise the varied and multi-faceted group of people that make up the gay community. We acknowledge the individual and collective impact of the LGBTQ people in our families and communities. We bring our attention to our shared humanity and our wondrous diversity. We wave our rainbow flags for visibility and openness, for pride, and for the joy of it.


Liv x

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