How to look after your Liforme Mat

We hope hope you’re enjoying your Liforme mat! Find out the best tips and tricks to keep your Yoga mat in tip top shape and performing at its best.

How do I clean my Mat?

Find below some simple cleaning tips to help clean and protect your Yoga mat to keep it in great shape for your practice. Depending on how intense your practices are, we recommend two types of cleaning methods.

Basic Clean
Deep Clean
For a gentle clean every 5-10 practices

Basic Clean

a) Add 3-5 pumps of our Liforme Everyday Cleaner* to a damp soft sponge and apply evenly across the entire surface of the mat.

b) Leave to soak in for 30 seconds and then take a clean damp sponge and wipe over the surface.

c) Leave to dry flat. Avoid drying the mat in direct sunlight as the mat is biodegradable and therefore, photo-sensitive

d) Roll up your Liforme Mat with the colour side facing outwards, and store it in space at room temperature

*If you don't have our cleaner you can use a small drop of dish soap diluted in plenty of water instead.

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Thorough clean for every 3-6 months

Deep Clean

If you are practicing very intensely, in a heated environment, or have been using your Liforme Mat over a longer period, it may be necessary to do a much deeper clean. We suggest using a very heavily diluted solution of water with bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda), or white vinegar. Simply wipe this solution over the surface with a soft sponge or cloth, and allow to dry flat. Please do be aware that we recommend caution when using these deep cleaning methods, as they are beyond our general cleaning instructions. We suggest this deeper clean should be no more regular than every 3-6 months, depending upon intensity of use.

Maximising Mat Longevity: Essential Do's and Don'ts

To ensure the longevity and performance of your Liforme mat, it's important to follow a few key do's and don'ts to make sure you enjoy a consistent and comfortable yoga practice for years to come.

Dry & Store it right

Let the mat dry flat after every practice before rolling it up, no problem to roll it after class, take it home, then unroll to dry. Your mat is designed to be rolled with the top side (the coloured side with the alignment design) on the outside between uses. It’s important to roll it this way to help ensure that your mat lies nice and flat each time you use it for your practice.

Avoid sunlight

Your mat is, very importantly, biodegradable and so prolonged exposure to the sun can speed up the rate of degradation. But don’t worry, our mats are not vampires and they’re OK with the odd bit of sun, so no need to be too worried about this.

Dry & Store it right

Because of the absorbent (and hygienic) materials we use, your skin’s natural oils may mark or stain the surface of your Yoga mat over time.

Try to avoid practising on the mat with freshly applied oily creams or massage oil, as these may cause stains.

The good news is that these sorts of marks will often fade gradually with time or after cleaning. But overall, we say be proud of your mat’s battle scars from all those good Warrior poses!