Frequently asked questions about CARING FOR MY MAT

How do I clean my mat?

Want to keep your mat in tip top shape? Click here to view our cleaning and care instructions. 

Can I use cleaning sprays on my mat, or any essential oils, body lotions or moisturisers?

Cleaning sprays often contain oils and chemicals that could affect your mat so please avoid using these. For Liforme approved cleaning instructions, click here.

We strongly recommend avoiding the use of any essential oils, body lotions or moisturiser on your skin immediately prior to using your Liforme mat. As the Liforme mats have an open cell structure on the top surface, it can absorb these oils which could then leave a stain. This will not usually affect the actual use of the mat, but the staining may be hard to get out.

Can I leave my Liforme mat outside in the sun?

We’ve worked hard to make the Liforme mats biodegradable, so they won’t spend years clogging up a landfill if they’re ever thrown away! This can mean that seriously prolonged exposure to natural sunlight and heat can speed up the degradation process. But our materials are pretty durable, so of course occasional use outside on sunny days is absolutely fine. If you do like to practice outside in the sunshine, we’d recommend storing your Liforme mat in a cool place indoors after your practice.

Does the Liforme Mat have a strong smell of rubber?

Our Liforme mats are made largely from natural rubber, which means that, as with all rubber products, there can be a very slight natural rubber smell when first taken out of the box. And we actually put our mats through an ‘airing’ process after the rubber production to reduce any strong rubber smell, so usually your Liforme mat will smell just fine from the first time you open it. If you have a particularly keen nose and do notice any rubber smell at first, do not worry, this should dissipate very quickly! And in such case, we would just recommend leaving your mat out flat overnight prior to first use.

How should I store my mat? Which way should I roll it up?

This is an important one. Once dry, roll up your Liforme mat with the top (the coloured side, with the etched design) on the outside between uses. It’s designed to be rolled this way (it’s all about the physics of the different thicknesses of the top and bottom layers of the mat!), and this will help ensure your mat rolls out flat each time you use it for your practice. We don’t recommend folding your mat, as this could leave visible creases.

Store it in a cool place indoors away from direct sunlight ready for your next practice.

Can my pet use my mat?

Although, Liforme's colourful mats and smooth grippy top layer can be enticing area for pets to stretch, relax and pose. Our pets can sometimes mistake our mats for a pee pad, chew toy or scratch pad. Therefore, it is best to keep your Liforme mat away and out of reach so they can't get in your way during a Camatkarasana. We advise you to only allow your pets on your Liforme Mat for a quick cute photo to share with us!