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Be at One with Your Yoga Mat

Liforme’s Intuitive AlignForMe Guide Elevates Your Yoga Experience.

The best tools are the ones that you hardly notice you are using. The ergonomic handle that fits your grip perfectly. The running shoes that make you fly. The yoga mat with an alignment guide so intuitive that it fully integrates into your practice effortlessly. When something doesn’t look like anything that came before it but forever changes what comes after, we can all recognise the value of its originality.

Liforme’s AlignForMe system, which we pioneered back in 2008, is one such innovation. Often imitated (which is neither flattering nor very yogic, for that matter!) our unique design works with each and every unique body that does yoga, seamlessly elevating your asanas every time you step onto it.


Align For You

Design is successful when it is both attractive and functional, improving your experience without distracting your attention. This is particularly important when you are doing yoga asana because you want to set up each pose correctly each time with a minimum of fuss.

Approaching yoga as a life-long practice means ensuring that the way you do every pose offers you the maximum support and the minimum chance of harm. The alignment habits that are formed at the start of one’s yoga practice often become the default. If these habits reinforce unbalanced alignment, they can be quite difficult to correct later.


That’s why it’s crucial to develop good alignment early but that’s often the time when you are least equipped to do so. In class, a Liforme mat helps reinforce your teacher’s verbal cues by calling your attention to where your body is in space in every pose, allowing for multi-sensory learning. When you are practising at home, using the visual feedback provided by the AlignForMe system very quickly becomes second nature.

Flexibility for Every Body

Alignment isn’t just for yoga beginners, of course. The AlignForMe system is also especially beloved by long-term, experienced yogis. The more you know, the more ways you’ll find to integrate our guidelines into your practice. Yogis of all levels find they benefit immensely from having alignment feedback and their finger (and toe!) tips.


AlignForMe is intentionally flexible, supporting the variety of bodies that do yoga. It doesn’t require you to put your foot in one and only one place in order to work. Instead, we provide a framework for your reference, a scaffolding upon which you can build in the way that suits you best. This scaffolding is infinitely adaptable to each unique body and any style of yoga practice and alignment methodology. The mat adapts to you rather than you adapting to the mat.


A quick glance at the Central Line, End to End Lines and other key markers allows you to judge when your hands and feet are equidistant. Before long, you are adjusting your stance in every pose as the alignment guides become integrated into your spatial awareness. You and your mat are working together as one to create balance, strength, and stability.

Form Follows Function

AlignForMe is also the foundation of Liforme’s yoga mats distinctive look, which is so much more than a pretty pattern. Each aspect of the design serves an alignment purpose, embodying the design philosophy ‘form follows function’.

From our vibrant array of coloured mats to our rainbow of luminous non-toxic inks, Liforme has come a long way from our original grey and pink first-generation mats (which still happen to be some of our best sellers)! Many of our graphics are beautifully hand-drawn and intended to add structure to your practice and focus to your intentions.

We are endlessly grateful to the many yogis who have embraced Liforme mats as part of your alignment-based practices. We continue to innovate new products to elevate your asanas and consider it our purpose to support your yoga journey every day.

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