Liforme Mountain Mat: A Special Edition Extra Large Yoga Mat

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Liforme’s Extra Large Yoga Mats are 15 inches longer than average mats. The Mountain Mat captures the power of earth and freedom of sky in one massive mat.

Posted on: 20th September 2021

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    The Stability of Earth and Freedom of Air in One Massive Mat...

    Come to stand in Mountain Pose at the front of your mat. How many times have you started a yoga practice session with these words in your ear? Mountain is the ur-pose, the origin of so many postures, the most basic and the most complex, the alpha and the omega of yoga asana.

    A mountain rises from the bedrock, bringing the very elements from the centre to the surface. From this powerful foundation, it shoots into the sky, touching thin air with its lofty peak. It represents the power of earth and freedom of air, the duality of body and mind, steadiness and ease, sthira and sukha.

    Liforme Extra Large

    Liforme Yoga Mats have always been larger than average, designed to fit the needs of yogis of every size and style of practice, but for some time our yogi friends have been asking us for an even bigger mat. In answer to this call, we’re excited to present not one, but two, Extra Large Yoga Mats, which are 25 cm longer and 2 cm wider than our classic Liforme Yoga Mats.

    Both mats debut our new colour, Mat(te) Black, which is a darker version of our original Grey. The monochrome XL features a streamlined, etched AlignForMe Guide, while the Special Edition Mountain Mat is printed in Blue/Ice Grey (B.I.G.) non-toxic inks. The alignment guide on the Mountain Mat is inspired by topographic maps, with Mount Liforme rising in the centre. You’ll find all the familiar markers on these proportional AlignForMe guides, plus six new grooves along the 45-Degree and Central Lines for even more visual alignment feedback.

    Big in size, big in spirit, our Extra Large Yoga Mats encourage you to claim the space you need to grow your flow.

    Mountain High

    Mountains speak of the power of geologic time, rooted in stability yet constantly in motion. Their soaring peaks, flavoured with rarified air, express the giddy freedom of having only the whole sky above. This duality exists throughout our yoga practices as we move through postures to strengthen our bodies and free our minds.

    Tadasana is the model for many of yoga’s standing postures. Although it looks like nothing much from the outside, its simplicity is deceptive, as anyone who has held this pose for several minutes can tell you. While the body presents a calm exterior, inside muscles are working to stay engaged, stack bones, and align hips. Balance is achieved through attention to the smallest details, and the work you put into Mountain Pose pays dividends when it comes time to move into a Tree Pose, Warrior III, or even Handstand.

    Take Up Space

    Big bodies, big hearts, and big minds need big spaces. Fill your lungs up to the tippy top, stretch a full body’s length, travel from front to back in any way you can think of. Flow intuitively, listen to your body, and live large, all without ever stepping off your mat. Get more room to breathe, move, and expand in every direction, whatever your physical size. Get yourself a Mountain of a yoga mat.

    Yoga Poses

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