Get You the Yoga Mat that Does it All: Liforme

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Get You the Yoga Mat that Does it All: Liforme
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Liforme is the Yoga Mat that Does it All: Grip, Alignment, Eco-Friendly .

By Ann Pizer , who has been practicing and writing about yoga for over 20 years. Posted on: 15th November 2021

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    Not so very long ago, there was basically one type of yoga mat and all you had to do was pick a colour. Those days are over now, leaving you with a bewildering amount of choice when it comes to materials, construction, and design. Before you get overwhelmed and just reach for the nearest mat, remember that your choice absolutely DOES matter. It matters for your practice and for the planet since some mats are much more environmentally friendly than others.

    Here are three things that make a big difference and distinguish Liforme Yoga Mats from the crowd: grip, for your everyday practice needs; alignment guide, to keep your body healthy in the long term; and, for the really long term, eco-friendly, biodegradable materials for the health of our planet.

    Grip: Get yourself a yoga mat that is designed to be non-slip

    A yoga mat has just a few key functions: Serve as a barrier between you and the ground, provide a supportive, comfortable surface for your body, and stop you from slipping when things start to get sweaty. Some mats can only fulfil the first two of these purposes, which is why there are so many anti-slip products on the market.

    Sticky sprays, special socks, and cumbersome mat towels all point to one big problem: many mats underperform in the grip department. A yoga mat should be designed to be anti-slip from the start, but many mats are trying to retrofit their outdated materials.

    Liforme spent over five years developing our layers of proprietary eco-polyurethane and natural rubber. And the innovation hasn’t stopped. To wit: our patented CleanGrip nonabsorbent barrier layer, which plays a part in Liforme mats’ superior grip by encouraging moisture to evaporate quickly from the top layer.

    The age of PVC mats is over. It’s just too slippery (and environmentally problematic).

    Alignment Guide: Get yourself a yoga mat that does more than just look good

    Alignment can be something of a mystery to yoga newcomers. Developing the mind-body connection that tells you where you are in space (not to mention absorbing the cues that your lovely teacher gives for every pose) takes time. However, you can get extra alignment support from your very first class with a Liforme Mat.

    Liforme’s AlignForMe guidelines, which are etched or printed right on the surface of our mats, support your alignment-based practice from the jump. Our intuitive, inclusive, physiology-based system is the missing link between your brain and your body.

    Sometimes when you hear alignment cues, it’s unclear how to move your body accordingly. Now when you hear ‘foot at 45 degrees’ or 'line up your front heel to your back arch’, you have a visual reference that helps it all make sense.

    AlignForMe is so well designed, it works for all bodies and styles of yoga. Even the most experienced yogis continue to use it because you can never have too much feedback on your form. Alignment-based practices help you stay injury-free so you can continue to do yoga for a good long while.

    Eco-Friendly: Get yourself a yoga mat that doesn’t contribute to our planet’s environmental crisis

    The environmental impact of the things we buy matters. It feels like every company is mentioning how eco-friendly and sustainable they are, which is a good thing as long as the evidence holds up. When it comes to yoga mats, all materials are NOT created equal.

    Liforme goes to great lengths to make sure our mats are truly environmentally conscious. We developed our own eco-polyurethane and use renewable rubber. The same CleanGrip technology that keeps your mat grippy also allows us to heat bond our mats, avoiding toxic glues.

    We exhaustively tested inks for our printed mats until we found a durable formula that also met our standards. We commissioned a study from independent scientists at Imperial College London to confirm just how biodegradable our mats really are. When we say “planet-friendly and body-kind,” it’s not just a slogan. If you’re looking at mats that are PVC or make vague claims about being ‘green’, make sure they can back it up.

    Get Yourself a Yoga Mat that Does it All

    Back when we didn’t have a lot of choices, we had to deal with slippery yoga mats made from sub-optimal materials. But now we don’t. Choose the mat that was designed with yoga performance and the environment at the top of the list. Choose Liforme.

    By Ann Pizer, who has been practicing and writing about yoga for over 20 years.
    Inspire Yoga Poses

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