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Below the Surface: Liforme Yoga Mats’ Patented 3-Layered Construction

When you’re shopping (consciously, of course) for a yoga mat, you’re likely going to consider the colour, design, and feel of the mat. You’ll probably also think about materials, durability, and, hopefully, ecological impact.

One thing that might immediately spring to mind is how the mat is actually constructed, which is going to affect its performance quite a lot. We thought you’d like to know how Liforme Yoga Mats are made and why it’s a big reason our mats are super grippy and easy to keep clean.

Liforme’s mat construction is so innovative, we've patented our CleanGrip™ technology. It’s original thinking about details like this that distinguish Liforme’s high quality mats from the cheap imitations.

More Than Surface Deep 

Our mats are beloved for their grippy surfaces. In order to offer the very best grip in the business, a mat has to be absorbent. (This is a big difference between Liforme and PVC mats. PVC is not absorbent, which is why it gets very slippery when sweaty, making it a poor choice for yoga asana practice.) But, you may be wondering, if my mat absorbs sweat, where is it going? Is it just lurking around under the surface making mischief?

The unique design of a Liforme mat allows us to provide the most grippy surface and keep everything hygienic at the same time. It’s all down to our three-layer construction. Here’s how it works, layer by layer.


The Bottom Layer: Natural Rubber

A Liforme mat is about 90% natural rubber. This bottom layer creates a firm foundation and has excellent traction with the floor, so your mat doesn’t move around. Rubber is a renewable resource because it is harvested through tapping, which doesn’t permanently harm the trees as they regrow their bark, making it a good choice environmentally as well.

The Top Layer: Proprietary Eco-Polyurethane

The top layer of our mats was specially engineered by Liforme to create the smooth, comfortable practice surface you love while drawing moisture away to maintain the grip you need. It’s a bit like the wicking fabrics used in athletic gear, in that it ensures that sweat evaporates quickly. Our eco-polyurethane layer is only about 1mm thick, so any moisture on the surface can’t go very far before it comes up against a non-absorbent barrier layer, which we innovated and patented.

The Middle Layer: Non-absorbent Barrier Layer, you say?!

Yes, indeed. This may not be the sexiest part of mat anatomy but it does get us quite excited and we think you’ll soon feel the same. This barrier layer is a major innovation that is exclusive to Liforme and one of many important differences between us and the imitators. 

Sandwiched between the natural rubber base layer and the grippy top layer, we have a patented barrier layer that serves a dual purpose.

  • It allows our layers to be heat bonded, which lets us avoid the sticky issue of toxic adhesives. Liforme mats are 100% glue-free because the ‘breathable’ barrier layer supports the air circulation necessary for the rubber base layer to be foamed directly onto our special top surface material.
  • It is also waterproof, which prevents any moisture (aka ‘sweat’!) from making its way down through the top surface into the rubber base. The waterproof barrier also encourages the sweat to evaporate more easily from the very thin PU layer. 

This innovative design makes your mat easy to clean and so much more hygienic. A light wipe-down of the top surface from time to time using just a little cleaning solution is all it takes to keep it clean and functioning at its peak. This easy clean-up also helps the mat’s top surface stay grippy longer, which is why we coined the term CleanGrip™ technology to describe it.

When you choose a Liforme mat, you’re supporting the creative approach to design, materials, and construction that allowed us to pioneer the grippiest mat for your practice. Once you understand what’s under the surface of our mats, the choice is clear.

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