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Liforme Gives Back: An Introduction to Our Charity Partnerships

This month, we’re launching a dedicated webpage to tell you more about the ways that Liforme is giving back to the World. We feel fortunate to be in a position to support partner organisations that do crucial work around the globe in the areas of environmental conservation, social justice, and animal welfare. As yogis, we think it’s important that our business practices align with our core values. When you get on a Liforme Mat, you’re joining us in raising awareness and funding to help conserve our planet Earth, to help people living in impoverished circumstances, and to help ensure protection for many of our animal friends in need. Here’s where our contributions, which you help us make when you buy products from Liforme, are going.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation: Friends of the Earth

When we became yoga mat makers, we also became environmentalists. We’re committed to reducing yoga’s ecological footprint by ensuring that our mats are biodegradable and by using plastic-free packaging. (Do you know that packaging accounts for a large part of the World’s plastic pollution problem?) Our mats degrade within one to five years in landfill conditions, in contrast to the hundreds or even thousands of years it takes for PVC mats to break down. (We know this because we commissioned an independent scientific study that proves it!) We want yogis to be able to practice secure in the knowledge that their mats (when they do reach the end of their useful lifespan) are not going to exacerbate the world-wide waste-disposal crisis.

Liforme and Friends of the Earth

We also know that the solution to environmental conservation extends far beyond the yoga world, so we’ve chosen to pledge our support to Friends of the Earth, a global organisation with outreach in over 70 countries. We’re inspired by Friends of the Earth’s successful track record of lobbying for legislative solutions to environmental issues like access to recycling, controlling pesticide use, and protecting wild spaces. Their #PlasticFreeFriday campaign encourages us all to examine what we can do on a personal level to reduce our plastic use. (For instance, refusing drinking straws, carrying our own coffee mugs and water bottles, and choosing an eco-friendly yoga mat.)

We’re proud to support Friends of the Earth with 5% of the sales of our Purple Earth mats.

Social Justice

Social Justice: Yoga Gives Back

Our yoga practices encourage us to feel connected to our fellow humans, extending far beyond the edges of our mats to do all we can to improve the lives of people affected by institutionalised injustice. When people in less fortunate circumstances are subjugated by poverty, discrimination, and disenfranchisement, it falls upon those of us with greater means to step in to offer help.

Liforme and Yoga Gives Back

We have found an amazing partner in Yoga Gives Back, a charity which does incredible grassroots work to help many real people in need. This organisation was founded in 2007 by Kayoko Mitsumatsu to encourage the global yoga community, those of us who have gained so much from this practice, to give back to women and children in India. YGB hosts benefits and events but most of their fund-raising comes in the form of modest monthly recurring donations from individuals like you. YGB works with existing NGOs in India to make sure that all the money raised goes where it can do the most good. The programs that YGB sponsors include microloans to women to help them build businesses, home and education for orphaned children, higher education opportunities for impoverished youths, and assistance to girls born into prostitution to help them receive an education and rebuild their lives. Yoga Gives Back’s One Million Yogis campaign aims to enlist one million donors to join together in lifting up Indians in need.

As an official partner of Yoga Gives Back, Liforme is committed to providing significant funding as well as other practical and business support.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Our belief that all livings things deserve health and happiness extends to the animals with whom we share this planet. Domesticated and wild animals deserve to live free of mistreatment, loss of habitat, and human exploitation.

Liforme and RSPCA

As a British company, we are proud to support the RSPCA, the world’s first animal welfare charity founded in 1824. The RSPCA has been instrumental in promoting the global shift toward valuing animals as sentient beings and extending their protections under the law. As a model for animal charities all over the world, the RSPCA has been able to influence policy that improves the lives of pets and agricultural animals, helps wildlife, and regulates the use of animals for scientific purposes, all with the aim of alleviating animal suffering.

We support the RSPCA by donating 5% of the sales of our special edition Year of the Dog mat.

Join Us

Yoga is more than the postures that help our bodies feel good. It’s more than the 90-minute sessions we spend on our mat. That time and effort is still important, however, because it facilitates the real yoga, which is what happens when we’re able to transfer the work we’re doing beyond ourselves and on to the people, places, and animals that need our help.

Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu


Liv x

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