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Liforme Yoga + Tree-Nation: Let’s Plant Some Trees Together

Why Plant Trees?

Deforestation is a major contributor to several current environmental crises, including climate change and species extinction through habitat destruction. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them a vital part of the carbon cycle. As the number of trees decreases, the amount of CO2 trapped in the atmosphere increases. Rebuilding our forests is a real and tangible way to deal with the excess CO2 that burning fossil fuels creates.

The idea of planting trees to help save the Earth is probably quite appealing to any environmentalist, but most of us aren’t able to go out with seedlings and a shovel and put 25 trees in a place where they are needed and will thrive. Tree-Nation does this for us. They are involved in 30 reforestation projects that employ local workers and revitalise deforested areas all over the world. They fill the missing link between our intentions to be actively involved in doing something beneficial for the planet and our ability to physically do the thing. Tree-Nation allows you to sit at your computer and set the chain of events in motion that will result in trees being planting with the click of your mouse. Then they keep you updated about the impact of your trees, so you feel connected, invested, and motivated to keep planting. 

Liforme + Tree-Nation

For Liforme, a partnership with Tree-Nation is a natural. We sponsor 25 trees for every website purchase of our Mother Earth Yoga Mat, as well as several additional tree-planting promotions throughout the year. You may see other companies offering to plant one tree per sale of their product, and while we applaud and value all contributions toward the massive project of reforestation, we want to make a bit more of an impact.

We are also very pleased to introduce you to the wonderful Tree-Nation platform. While Liforme sponsors the trees that go along with your mat purchase, planting them requires your active participation.

After your mat purchase, you will be invited to plant your trees in the Liforme forest. Tree-Nation personalises your experience by providing information on what types of trees you have planted and where they are on the globe. You also have the opportunity to cultivate your own personal forest through the Tree-Nation interface. You might choose to add to your forest to offset carbon-heavy activities like driving a car or air travel. You can also send trees as gifts to get even more people involved.

You are Our Partner

Liforme is committed to our giving back programme in support of the environment, equality, and social justice. Our ultimate hope is that our donations inspire a cycle of giving that you carry into your own life. We’re super excited that our partnership with Tree-Nation supports this way of thinking. Our partnership has three key members: Liforme, Tree-Nation, and you. Now let’s plant some trees!

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