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Lighten Up With Crow Pose: Yoga Arm Balance Fun

Is your Crow Pose ready to fly? Though they may look like feats of strength, Yoga arm balances are a lot about finding your centre of gravity so your feet...

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How to be Light on Your Feet (and Hands) in Yoga

Active hands and feet may be just what your yoga asana practice is missing. Making sure you extend your energy and attention through each finger and toe is the finishing...

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Yoga Heart Openers are the Antidote to Your Winter Blues 

When cold weather has you feeling all hunched over and tight, yoga heart openers are the answer. We’ll workshop 3 poses: Upward Facing Dog, Camel, and Wheel.

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Self-Love: A Yogini’s Journey to Finding the Greatest Gift of All

Eleonora Zampatti shares her inspirational yoga journey finding the strength and confidence to love herself.

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How Yoga Makes You a Better (Self) Lover

We hear a lot of talk about self-love these days but very little practical advice on to how to achieve it. If you’re ready to start your journey toward self-acceptance,...

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

What place does love have in a yoga class? You may think you’re going in to stretch your hips but it turns out you’re opening your heart at the same...

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Transition to Transformation

Life is what happens between the big “stick it” moments. Paying attention to transitions in yoga class teaches us to do the same off the mat. Maybe we feel less...

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Invitation to Transformation: Embracing Stillness

Annie Carpenter shares her wisdom on finding transformation through stillness in her yoga practice.

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Practical Steps to Get More Yoga into Your Life

Is ‘practice more yoga' on your list of resolutions? Take that vague intention and turn it into actionable steps that will get you on your mat more often.

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