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Yoga Puts the Unity in Community

Studies have shown that meaningful social interactions improve quality of live and even longevity. While we know that yoga improves our health by reducing stress and making stronger, more flexible bodies, we shouldn't...

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5 Pranayama Breathing Exercises for Yoga Beginners

The 5 breathing exercises (Pranayama) you are most likely to encounter in yoga classes, including Ujjayi, Kapalabhati, and Alternate Nostril.

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Yoga Pride: Liforme is Proud to Support GLAAD and LGBTQ Acceptance All Year

In honour of Pride Month, a look at how yoga embraces our shared humanity and our brilliant diversity. Liforme is proud to support GLAAD's LGBTQ advocacy.

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Self-Love: A Yogini’s Journey to Finding the Greatest Gift of All

Eleonora Zampatti shares her inspirational yoga journey finding the strength and confidence to love herself.

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Learn to Love Yourself: Why Doing Yoga Helps Your Self Love Grow

We hear a lot of talk about self-love but very little advice on to how to achieve it. When you’re ready to start your journey toward acceptance, yoga can help. 

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The Vinyasa Sequence: How to Practice Transformative Transitions

Life is what happens between the big “stick it” moments. Paying attention to transitions in yoga class teaches us to do the same off the mat. Maybe we feel less...

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A Yogi’s Journey to Self-Acceptance

When Erica Jenkins took up yoga it was her desire for physical transformation that helped her find her way to the mat. But through regular practice it was not only...

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Yoga: Your Way to a Better You

Dylan Werner explores what drives us all to change and how our yoga practice can help us on our own path to transformation and personal growth. The post Yoga: Your...

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Invitation to Transformation: Embracing Stillness

Annie Carpenter shares her wisdom on finding transformation through stillness in her yoga practice.

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3 Realistic Ways to Get More Yoga into Your Life

Is ‘practice more yoga' on your list of resolutions? Take that vague intention and turn it into actionable steps that will get you on your mat more often.

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200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa YTT, New Zealand

Join Asia Pacific Yoga on our 24 May - 11 June 2021 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa YTT in New Zealand.

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  • Location: New Zealand